Help us find these missing 62s
This list is much too long! Please take time to look over this list and let us know any clues you may have about our classmates' whereabouts.

This list has been updated January 2012
The Boulder Daily Camera reported 316 graduates on June 7, 1962

Sally Adams LaHue (wishes to remain hidden, we hear)
Jacque Aiken 
Charles Akins (on Facebook?)
Richard Anderson (on Facebook? I have him as deceased) 
Ed Applegate
Dave Bailey
Robert Baker
Calvin Bauer (I had an address, but latest mail returned) 
 Fred Borra
Joanne Brownlee 
Ron Caporale 
Marilyn Carsten 
Michel  Clark  Reynolds (on Facebook)
Robin Coen (He's around and on Facebook) 
Jerry Collins   
Gerald W. (Jerry) DeLand (Mesa, AZ? unconfirmed) 
Lillona Dickens 
Mona Durbin 
William Elliot 
Jann  Ertl 
Maura  Fahey 
Bob  Fair 
Ira  Fell 
Tom Frye 
Richard Gabriella 
Dave  Gerber 
Carol  Hamel (found, probably)
Barbara Harris Grilli (I had an email address; I got no response)
Greg  Hastings
Jim  Hatcher 
Wayne  Hillock 
Kenneth James 
Sharon  Johnson 
Mike  Kirchoff 
Michaeleen Kronquest  (I have an email address!)
Vickey LaHue Jardus 
Ted  Lord 
Stuart (Al) Matlack (I know his sister; he wants to remain 'lost') 
Cynthia Mers 
Kim  Milburn 
Dave  Miles (I hear he's in Victor, CO; can't confirm)
Jackie  Miller 
T. Scott Muhn (received email from Scott 5/29/12)

Bill  Myers (on Facebook)
Jackie  Myers 
Kathryn Nees 
Robert  Neisler 
Lanita  Nelson
James Newburn 
Don  Nicholson 
Delbert F. Pherson 
Thomas O. Phillips 
Dale Portschi 
Joan  Redmond 
Larry  Reed 
Thomas  Rendall (in China?)
Virginia Saltzer 
Sam  Scull 
Barbara Sellers 
Karen  Seltzer 
Christine Sillars Reynolds
Robin  Sloniker 
Doris  Smith 
Gary  Smith 
Jim  Smith 
Joanne  Smith 
Lloyd  Smith 
Deborah Sprecker 
Ann  Stewart 
Carolyn Stidham
Lois  Tisdale
Dan  Travis
Donald R. Vera
Cliff  Waters
Bob  Welsh
John  Wilson
Doug  Witt
Carol  Woodward

Click here for pdf file of our official graduation program with list of graduates:

*I've emailed these people -- who knows if the emails are still good?

Gordon Patty last known sparks, nv
Larry Meyers last known eugene or (found, we think)
Larry Kelling last known victorville, ca
Penny Youmans last known San Jacinto CA
Terry Thomas last known aurora, co
Cassie Bellamy last known granby co (found, we think)
Tom Kyle last known boulder co
Buzz Kurrle last known Pinewood Springs/Lyons CO
Dick Farrell last known longmont, co
*Frank Musso last known loveland co
Dennis Schweitzer last known thermopolis wy
Carolyn Martinez Manzaneres last known boulder co
*Sam Steere last known dallas tx