So is LONG'S GARDENS, founded 1905
The family of Margie Long, Class o'62, has 'long' been successful beautifying Boulder and maintaining one of Boulder's real landmarks (on north Broadway) for more than 100 years!
Crossroads is now "Twenty Ninth Street"!
Fancy whoop-ti-do 'Pedestrian Mall' -- Southern California comes to Boulder, again or still?
We've 'heard from' I.A. Butler, Baseline principal

via Janet Foresberg Elder (I don't remember when 04 or 05, I believe) -- Mr. Butler (principal from Baseline days) belongs to my dad's church, and on Sunday (September 03) they had a "Celebration of Life" reception after the service for those members 90 or over. Mr. Butler was there; he is almost 93 now, and on September 14, he FINISHED the Mile High City Marathon in Denver, walking 26 miles!!) And I was feeling proud because George and I walked 3 miles at the Alzheimer's Memory Walk on 9/20! What an accomplishment for Mr. Butler - he looks great for his age, and just sparkled (if you can imagine Mr. Butler sparkling!) when he was talking about the marathon to me. He trained with Boulder Fit, and on the day of his 21-mile "test run" he tripped on a curb and broke two bones in his left wrist, so he was sporting a cast for the actual marathon. His wife, Faith, and one of his daughters had a car nearby the whole way, and his other daughter made the walk with him. He planned to start at 2 a.m. the day of the walk, and take 9 1/2 hours; I'm not sure what his actual time was.