Here are the 'Class Picture' IDs from the 2002 Reunion

This is the best I could do -- please feel free to email me ( with corrections, etc. I apologize in advance for any errors; please feel free to help me out (but do it nicely).

Front: Jill Smith, Carolyn Winchell Lindberg, Dave Wood, Don Biggs, Shirley Gibbs Angel, Bob Adams, Frank Pulver, Doug Dunkelberger.

Coach Allen Patton, Bill Norris, Lola Bonner, Jim Pulver (hiding), Coleen Dowse Dunn, Kay Black Clark, Caryl Pudlik Segawa, Linda McDonald Josh, Lou Ray Harper Wright, Glen Brink, Jeff Wheeler, JoAnn Sikes Chalmers, Sheri Taylor Weaver, Wendy Smith Cody, Susan Pollard Vasterling, Peter Allen, Mary Toledo, Susan Parker Kelly, Ruth Allen Hopkins, Lee Bernal, Jim Hogge

Bill Lam, Joyce Winn Sandham, Margaret Long, Will Rense, Jim Nelson, Lib Rogers, John Aldridge, John Vanderpool, Mel Yarlott, Sharon Gould Mosler, Rick Cys, Anellen Nyquist Neill, Sally Macy Shaw, Julie Hall Affleck, Jim Coile, Phil Lingwood, Larry Nelson, Lee Dunn, Barbara Warden McKee

Back: Jon Rush, Mike Sandham, Steve Martini, Jim Taylor, Marshall Miller, Phil Moreland, Mike Pennington, Buzz Dyer, Jim Fleming, Tom Steele, Pete Henning, Beto Diaz, Micky Nuttall, Tom Conway, Ric Landiera, Dave Leach, Jim Bridenstine, Louie Kingdom, Bob Ayers, Steve Overholser, Don McKee


Barbara Warden McKee's vision of Saturday night
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